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Denver's Lunasa - First Harvest Festival

Hello everyone! And Happy Lunasa/Lammas/Lughnasdha to you all!

This Saturday, August 5th - SoulFire Haven with OneTribe presents:
Lunasa - First Harvest 2p - 10am

It's our first intown festival and also our first event in conjunction with another spiritual group!

The festival starts at 2pm.
Donation: $5 with costume/$8 without. (Unless you're 12 and under - then it's free)

There will be Workshops:
Sacred Geometry by Boo.
Tarot Reading 101 by Moon

Crafts for everyone (we'll be making little corndollies for the ritual!)
Games for all ages:
Two-finger tug-o-war (Norse)
and as many more as we have time for...

One common feature of the Games were the 'Tailltean marriages', a rather informal marriage that lasted for only 'a year and a day' or until next Lammas. At that time, the couple could decide to continue the arrangement if it pleased them, or to stand back to back and walk away from one another, thus bringing the Tailltean marriage to a formal close.

Anyone ready for a Tailtean Marriage? ;)

We will also let the children decide if they'd like to learn a song or create a short skit for the ritual on what First Harvest means to them. (Or if they'd like to do anything at all!)

At 6pm is the Potluck. Please bring food to share and a reminder that there will be no place to prepare or cook it there. Let's keep this as green friendly as possible, respect our mother Earth - bring reusable plates, cups and utensils. Please BYOB, enough for the amount of time you plan on staying.

After dinner, will be a time for round-robin discussions about OneTribe and SoulFire Haven about our plans for the future and what our mission statements are. This is just a get to know the different local communities and what they do.

8:30pm RITUAL!
We'll begin with an explanation about what Lunasa is about, how our ancestors did things and what the corndollies are for.
We'll have performers show us their stuff in celebration of the First Harvest, including: sacred dancers, firespinners, and whatever the kids decide to do.
Then will be the ceremony of the corndollies with dancing and celebrating by all, followed by libations.
DJ Kriya is providing music to lift our spirits and help raise our energy to it's fullest. If anyone would like to drum with him, please bring your drums and talk to him before hand! He's very excited about participating in the ritual this way.

The ritual will go till about 10pm, at that time anyone under the age of 18 must go. Faith is hosting a kiddos sleepover, drop off time is open but please retrieve the little darlings by noon on Sunday. The only fee for this service is that you bring 1 item towards snack/breakfast and 1 item towards the activities.
Please contact her at for additional info or to
find out what you can bring - by Friday evening.

At 10pm - OneTribe takes over and there will be dancing and music until 6am for the adults.

Ok, I bet you'd like directions now, huh?

Event Location: 3534 Brighton Blvd in Denver

Directions: From Downtown Denver.

Take Broadway North (it's 2 way from 20th north)
Broadway turns into Brighton at Walnut st.
Continue on Brighton to 35th. You'll see Otto's Autoshop on the right.

Turn right, go to top of the hill, park along the fence and/or warehouse on the LEFTside of 35th. Walk back acros 35th to the big fenced in enclosure, you'll see a driveway heading back downhill. walk down the driveway and you're there.

From I-70
Just East of the I-70/I-25 mousetrap. Take the Brighton Blvd exit, head South on Brighton to 35th. Turn left on 35th. Follow the instructions above.

Phone: (720) 434-6031

Website II:
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