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I just did a runecasting, first one for me, and wanted some input on the reading of it. I don't want to put my interpretation of it out here, I'd like some views on how the three runes fit together without any knowledge of my views.

I added in information that I think is important, such as how they landed. I cast on a circular mat with a circl inside covering about a third of the total area.

First one was Kenaz - It means knowledge, understanding, to view
situations with more clarity.
I landed on the inner circle, meaning an internal influence
Was backwards, mean the opposite of it's state is the meaning.

Second was Isa or ice - meaning a halt in activity until a change is
Outer circle which means an external influence.
Upside down so it is a hidden or unknown influence

Third was Raidho or wheel - focusing energy to achieve goals, right
place at the right time.
Inner circle, so an internal influence

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