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Colorado Beltaine Festival


The 3rd Colorado Beltaine Festival
May 5th - 7th, 2006
@ the Old Boy Scout Camp @ Lake Wellington, Bailey, CO.
All Festivities start at noon on Saturday.

RSVP with Moonfire by May 1st, there is only room for 200 campers.

This is a weekend long camping event. Please come prepared for a weekend camping in the woods with all appropriate camp gear and supplies for yourself and those in your care. Prepare for the alternating weather patterns of the Colorado mountains in Springtime. The Lady of the Lake has said that the cost of camping will be $6 per person per day, payable at the main gate.

This Celebration is about giving, sharing and bringing our Community closer together. Bring enough food for you and yours. We will have a communal meal on Saturday afternoon, so please bring a dish to share as well. There will be a ritual and Maypole dance, fire pit for huge bonfires, drumming and suggestions for additional activities are welcome. Get into the spirit of May Day and the Spring season. Costumes are deeply appreciated and enhance the experience for all attendees.

**All Ages Are Welcome. Attendees Under Age 18 Must Be Accompanied By An Adult. Minors Under The Age Of 16 Must Provided Emergency Contact Information. Please Request Form Via Email.**

There are a few Rules:
~ No Public Nudity (No skyclad for ritual, no clothing optional area)

~ No Pets (there are wild animals waking up hungry all over the place - you bring pet = you bring bear and wildcat breakfast)

~ Pack Out What You Bring In (If you brought it in with you, you take it back out. The Lake has huge dumpsters on the way out you can use for trash.)

If you would like to participate in the Maypole Dance, please bring:

Ribbon - 10' x 1 1/2" of any color you choose. (Michaels, Joanns - they carry these cheap.)
Women please bring fresh flowers to make the Yoni Wreath.
And if anyone has favorite outdoor family games they'd like to share - please do!

Moonfire's contact info for RSVP by May 1st:

(For additional information about camping conditions and site specific rules. Please Do Not RSVP with Della...she and Candy will laugh and tell you to contact me.)
Lake Wellington and the Lad of the Lake, Della:

[edit] Please DO NOT ASK DELLA about the Festival - contact only Moonfire. If you want to know about the weather conditions up there - call her, other wise call Moonfire! I don't bite, I'm a nice, nice lady! Really! Della, however, does not have the phone lines to field questions for me.
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