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Denver Lunasa/Lughnasda/Lammas Event!

Are you planning on going to Dragonfest? Or maybe you're bummed because you want to go, but can't. Join us the weekend before for a full day and night of workshops, ritual, food and fun!

For the celebration of the First Harvest, the first week of August, we are joining OneTribe in Denver on Saturday the 5th.

If you are not familiar with One Tribe -

The festival will be in Denver's warehouse district off of 35th and Brighton. It goes from 2pm - 10pm for all ages and the adults get to play until 7am if they like. As always, it is very family friendly during the day.

This is in an urban setting, so it'll be a bit different - but we'll be accessible to many more people. We want to do games from the Old Ways, crafts, workshops and of course, a big ritual. The ritual starts at 8:30 and participation is encouraged!

We'll have Fire! as usual, though not as big as the last couple of fests. We've got to follow the rules of the fire marshall in the city after all.

If you'd like to perform part of the ritual let me know (this one won't be as ceremonious as Litha was by a long shot.) We already have a group of fire spinners working on something for it and hopefully the Sephiroth Dancers, a beautiful trio of sacred dancers, will dance for us.

We were thinking of having the kids put together a very short skit or learn a chant to perform during it. If there is something you'd like to add to it - even decorations or gifts to give to everyone during it - we would love to hear from you and put it in.

Do you drum? Please bring it to play during ritual, no matter what your level of drumming - bring it and play along! We're experimenting with playing along to other music - DJ Kriya's excited to play with live drummers.

If anyone would like to do a workshop for this, please let Moon know, as our beautiful Vashti is in the midst of bringing little Moyra into the world. Lots of love, health and restful thoughts to the Brown family!

As usual, we'll have a potluck to break bread together (or fruit or meat or...) Bring something you think goes with the holiday. This is a BYOBeverage event and let's bring our own plates, cups and utensils so we can be as green as possible. The potluck will be at 6pm. Food can be left out to munch on as long as you're still there. Please remember to pick up your dishes before going home. They do have a sink to wash them in too. Since this is in town, please bring fully prepared dishes, we don't want to run up their utilities using the stove and oven all day.

After 10pm when the ritual is over, we're hoping to get a co-oped all-nite babysitter or two to take the kids off and let them have their own harvest fun away from we silly adults. (While we get to have fun away from them!) If anyone would like to be the kid's coordinator (sitter), instead of partying all night with the big kids - please let us know immediately. We will cover you in kisses and hugs and nutella!

We need a count of how many families are thinking of attending and want to do this.

We're asking for $8 donation, this goes towards expenses and our big Fall festivals.

If you'd like to be in costume for the ritual and party afterwards - we'll have a big screen tent available, which will be tarped off for privacy, so you don't have to go home to do so.

We're so excited about this! What a fun day we'll have and right before Dragonfest too! So those of you who are going to Dfest - can get your groove on before hand and this will be a great, close, inexpensive fest for those who can't make Dfest this year.

Lots of Love and Laughter,

Erin, Moon, Tyrne, and Vashti,
The Soul Fire Haven Council
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